Pioneering new therapies for diseases of chromatin dysfunction.


A new paradigm of
drug Discovery

targeting chromatin networks

There is a necessity for new types of treatments in chromatin driven diseases like pediatric diffuse midline glioma (DMG).
TippingPoint has found a way to recapitulate the disease driving chromatin interactions in a test tube and uniquely target these aberrant interactions in disease.

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A new approach to  therapeutics

TippingPoint Biosciences' mission is to treat diseases caused by dysfunctional genome chromatin packaging that are difficult to target using conventional approaches.

What is chromatin?

Chromatin is the packaging of DNA inside of a cell nucleus.

Chromatin structure dictates cell function and identity.

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Unleashing the Potential of DNA chromatin Packaging
Many diseases are driven by dysfunctional chromatin networks.
A Paradigm Shift in Drug
We specifically target the aberrant chromatin network in disease.
Unveiling a New Era of
We develop a new class of molecules to target diseases of high unmet need.

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